Friday, July 19, 2024

Drugs and Alcohol at Work

OHS MED is one of Australia’s most experienced providers of drug and alcohol related medical services.

Drug & Alcohol Policy, Advice and Testing

OHS MED can advise on all aspects of your workplace drug and alcohol testing program including:

  • Policy development
  • Training of managers and others in identifying and managing drug and alcohol problems at work
  • Drug and alcohol testing 
  • Expert result analysis, advice and interpretation
  • An experienced Medical Review Officer (MRO) service providing Fitness for Work assessments, reporting to employers and management of positive test results
  • Counselling and an Employee Assistance Program

OHS MED – Your Expert Partner in Managing Drug and Alcohol Issues in the Workplace

For a business new to a drug and alcohol program, implementing a program may seem daunting. There’s lots of information out there and how do you know what you really need for your business?

OHS Med is the medical partner to many Australian organisations currently leading the industry in drug and alcohol program management including Sydney Trains, NSW Trains, BHP and Abigroup.

Call OHS MED on (02) 8323 9867 and discuss your situation with an expert drug and alcohol medical practitioner.

The Facts: Drugs and Alcohol

More than 90% of drug and alcohol abusers are employed in the workforce.
Abusers of drugs or alcohol:
Take 10 times more days off
Are over 3 times more likely to be involved in work accidents
Are 5 times more likely to injure themselves or others
Are 5 times more likely to file a Workers compensation Claim
Are 33% less productive