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OHS MED’s Range of Assessment Services for Employers

OHS MED are occupational health and safety professionals dedicated to offering employers the best advice on all employee work related health.

OHS MED provide a range of OH&S services:

  • Pre-employment medical assessments
  • Fitness for work assessments
  • Rail Category 1, 2 & 3 medical examinations 
  • Drug and alcohol assessments and testing 
  • Drug and alcohol training and education 
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) services 
  • Health surveillance
  • Coal Services Order 41 medical examinations
  • CAMS Confederation of Australian Motor Sport examinations 
  • Commercial and heavy vehicle drivers examinations
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) examinations
  • Vaccinations


OHS MED’s Experience in the Transport Industry

OHS MED is an expert in providing workplace medicals and advice for those who work in rail, martime, road and air industries.

OHS MED is currently a health and safety partner for Transport for NSW and RailCorp.

Categories 1,2 & 3 Medical Assessments
Drug and Alcohol Testing, MRO services, 
Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation services for rail contractors

Recreational Diving medicals
Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) medical assessments

DAME medicals
Drug and Alcohol Management Plans
Medical Review Officer Comprehensive Assessments
Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation services

Commercial driver / Heavy Vehicle driver medical examinations
Trucksafe medical examinations
Drug and alcohol testing and advice

OHS MED’s Experience in the Mining Industry

OHS MED currently provides health partner services for many key players in Australia’s mining industry, including BHP, Worley Parsons, Bauer and Advanced Foundation Solutions.

Mining is a relatively high risk industry and also a costly industry when employee days are lost through injury and illness caused by poor workplace safety practices.

For employers partnering with OHS MED , significant cost and productivity benefits have been achieved through assessments and medical advice that include drugs and alcohol assessments, vaccination programs, injury management, fitness for work and pre-employment medicals.

How can OHS MED help businesses involved in the mining industry?

  • Helping reduce workplace risk, ensuring your drug and alcohol program is best practice
  • Reviewing your drug and alcohol policy and providing recommendations to ensure your policy is suited to your company requirements and changing market conditions e.g. the increasing use of synthetic cannabis in the community
  • Training employers to perform drug and alcohol testing in accordance with Australian Standards
  • Training supervisors to identify employees at risk of the misuse of drugs and alcohol
  • Training employees on risks and impairment at work issues arising from drug and alcohol abuse
  • Provide advice on appropriate drug testing kits and alcohol breathalysers for you to perform your own testing at remote locations
  • Provide a MRO telephone consultation service to assess results and report on illicit drug use and positive alcohol results

OHS MED’s Experience in the Construction Industry

OHS MED is an experienced medical services partner to the Construction Industry, which include major industry players such as Advanced Foundation Solutions, ABB, Fletcher Building and The Bauer Group.

Construction Industry Facts – Risk and Accidents

The construction industry is a high risk workplace, so it's important to consider health and safety solutions to minimise injury, improve productivity and reduce WorkCover expenses.

The 2007 Australian Drug Household Survey indicated the construction industry is one of those at highest risk with 22.9% of those surveyed admitting to illicit drug use, with 18.1% admitting to recent drug use.

Over the three years from 2008–09 to 2010–11 the construction industry accounted for 11% of all serious workers’ compensation claims. On average there were 39 claims each day from employees who required one or more weeks off work because of work-related injury or disease.

How can OHS MED help businesses involved in the Construction Industry?

  • Helping reduce workplace risk through implementation of  policy standards and monitoring health
  • Health and safety surveillance and reporting
  • Ensuring your drug and alcohol program is best practice
  • Pre-employment assessments to assess fitness for work
  • Musculoskeletal assessments
  • Injury assessment and reporting
  • Medical Review Officer services
  • Vaccinations