Tuesday, April 16, 2024

CASR Part 99 Drug and Alcohol Comprehensive Assessments

Aviation workers engaged in safety sensitive activities cannot resume duty after returning a positive drug or alcohol test result or after disclosure of a drug or alcohol problem until they have undergone a Comprehensive Assessment.

OHS MED Comprehensive Assessments will:
  • Include a medical assessments along with an assessment by a CASA approved clinical psychologist 
  • Assess and classify drug and alcohol use as Non-problematic, Hazardous, or Problematic use
  • Assess the risk of future positive test results
  • Provide concurrent health information relevant to performance of SSAA 
  • Provide a results assessment of drug testing or serological laboratory investigations
  • Recommend a management plan eg. ongoing assessment and monitoring treatment with a OHS MED Medical Practitioner, counselling, ongoing testing, referrals to specialist treating agencies