Friday, July 19, 2024

Counselling and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and counselling to return an employee to work is the usual process for someone who has tested positive to drugs and alcohol, particularly for a first offence and if deemed not dependent.

Every company is different and it is the company’s responsibility to determine what the procedure is before a program is introduced. The employee’s doctor and or access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can prove invaluable.

OHS MED provides a complete MRO service and will provide advice on developing an EAP program tailored to your work requirements and the needs of employees.

OHS MED’s MRO Telephone Consultation Service

Telephone Consultations are an ideal assessment option for workers in remote locations – as well as being a practical and cost effective solution that minimises time off work for employees.

Telephone consultations include an assessment and report on all NON-NEGATIVE / DETECTED drug test results.

Talk to OHS MED about our experience with providing hundreds of telephone consultations for drug test result interpretation for organisations including Sydney Trains, NSW Trains and Abigroup.

How do I regain a RISI certificate?

Contractors can regain rail certification by completing a rehabilitation program.

OHS MED has successfully enabled a large number of employees and contractors who have lost their certification to return to rail safety work.

OHS MED is TfNSW's most experienced Authorised Health Practice and provides all the elements required of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program to enable low risk contractors to return to rail safety work.

To find out more, contact OHS MED on (02) 8323 9867.