Friday, July 19, 2024

Rail Contractors – Drugs and Alcohol

TfNSW including Sydney Trains strives to have a workplace free from drugs and alcohol. This is the purpose of TfNSW's Drug and Alcohol policy which outlines one of Australia’s most comprehensive testing and assessment programs.

TfNSW's policy requires all staff and contractors to be subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

Contractors who fail drug or alcohol tests are removed immediately from rail safety work and have their Rail Safety Cards removed. 

Meeting TfNSW's standards

As a rail operator you must conduct random alcohol and drug tests on 25% of your employees each year (a requirement of The Independent Transport Safety Regulator).

Breath alcohol must be less than 0.00 grams alcohol in every 100mls of blood.

Urine drug tests must be free of illicit substances and meet Australian Standard AS:4308.

OHS MED can help with advice on how you can meet all of TfNSW's requirements and tailor an appropriate policy and program to your company.

OHS MED's Rail and Drug and Alcohol Expertise

OHS MED's Dr. Sarah Moss is TfNSW's most experienced Authorised Health Practitioner and Sydney Trains and NSW Trains leading advisor on drug and alcohol issues.