Friday, July 19, 2024

Fitness For Work Assessments

Are you concerned about a worker’s fitness for work?

OHS MED is able to assist companies manage injury and illness issues at work with assessment and reporting on the work health and fitness of employees.

We find most ill and injured staff become highly productive again if supported and managed appropriately. 

OHS MED provides Fitness for Work help by:

  • Working with both the staff member and employer – in addition to liaising with any involved medical providers
  • Developing a suitable return to work plan in accordance with WorkCover guidelines
  • Providing prompt reporting tailored to the needs of management that includes likely time frames for recovery from illness or injury
  • Reporting on the likelihood of future recurrence of the health or injury issue
  • Providing appropriate advice on suitable work duties if required 
  • Helping and guiding managers on how to support and manage injured and ill workers